“Panelized” construction has historically been a small piece of overall construction market, and there is one simple reason for this.  Until recently “wood-frame building” was “good enough” & “cheap enough.”  But that excuse no longer works.  Wood-frame is expensive, degrades quickly, catches fire, rots, molds, leaks, has gaps, is destroyed by wind, rain, snow and earthquake and provides food for insects and vermin. Many of us live (and work) in very unhealthful buildings – because of wood framing.

“Panelization” is generally the answer to costs (materials and labor) and dimensional accuracy and quality. “Modular” buildings are trying to improve the cost-accuracy-quality scenario, BUT they still have the fundamental problems of a wood frame. So, it’s an improvement, but not a solution.

Healthfulness and high-quality can only be provided by high-grade, durable advanced materials – that’s why RSG 3-D combines the best of steel-frame, high-grade continuous insulation, and durable, fire and disaster resistant concrete.

Secret #1: RSG 3-D residential construction goes way beyond building code requirements. While the majority of builders are just squeaking past code requirements, RSG builders are decades ahead.

Secret #2: RSG 3-D residences are constructed virtually the same as institutional buildings (universities, commercial centers, government buildings) intended to function well for centuries, not years.

So, for similar costs to inferior wood-frame residences you can invest in a healthful, durable, disaster-resistant future.


The future of US (and international) residential construction will continue the trend toward sustainability, energy-efficiency and resilience.  It is also clear that the challenges to this forward-path is cost, in the form of materials and labor.  Only RSG 3-D has the SOLUTION to delivering sustainability with affordability.

Whether it is a single-family residence or a multifamily development, the answer is increasingly RSG 3-D.


The RSG 3-D building system is the SOLUTION to commercial construction needs. The system ensures a perfect project. Benefits include:

  • Efficient construction with speed, accuracy and zero flaws
  • High performance building envelope for greater value and financial returns
  • Energy efficiency and noise abatement
  • Extended life-cycle for greater ROI
  • Major risk reduction in fire, wind, water intrusion, earthquake


Industrial developers and builders need the assurance of a “problem-free” project that RSG 3-D ensures. The US Army, University of California, US Prison System can all attest to successful large-scale industrial projects with RSG 3-D. Globally, 3-D Panel has been used in very large-scale projects needing speed and long-term high quality.