The most sustainable & resilient building system in the world.
RSG 3-D is the Panel Building System that powers future-proof & sustainable construction
RSG 3-D is in a class of its own - decades ahead of structural and energy codes. Recognized as the most resilient building envelope, RSG 3-D Panel is also among the most energy efficient. Your building must serve many functions – safety, durability, low-costs operations, healthfulness. You can trust the RSG 3-D Panel Building System to provide multi-disaster, resilience, energy efficiency, heathfulness – and extended life-cycle affordability.  Over 30 years and 20 countries RSG 3-D has a well-earned record of success.
Exterior walls
Intermediate floors
Interior bearing walls
Santa Rosa, CA
2343 sq ft
100% RSG 3-D
The world's most disaster
resilient building system
La Residencia at San Jose del Cabo, MX

This beautiful RSG 3-D Panel building has been struck by five Category-5 hurricanes (and many lesser storms) with absolutely zero damage. The same success against hurricane/typhoon has been recorded in RSG 3-D Puerto Rico and Caribbean homes and buildings for three decades. Not even Hurricane Andrew , Florida’s strongest in history, could damage our many homes in Dade County.  In a storm, the safest place is inside a RSG 3-D building.
The world's most disaster
resilient building system
Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center / University of CA

Twice since it was built, this remote facility has been struck by a pair of earthquakes measuring 6.9 and 6.5 Richter. Zero damage in either incident was recorded, despite designs including 24-foot walls and expansive glass. In more than 1,000 seismic events across multiple countries, RSG 3-D homes and buildings have never suffered damage.
The world's most disaster
resilient building system
Lake County, CA / Valley Fire 2015

This RSG 3-D home survived the 2015 Valley Fire with zero structural damage while 1900 community homes suffered total loss. Firefighters and neighbors were stunned to see this family’s home intact – but they knew their risks and wisely chose RSG 3-D. The family is now building their second RSG 3-D home.

“I wanted something that was fireproof, earthquake proof, flood proof. Future-proof, basically." – Sean Jennings, Owner
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YOUR project begins here. All RSG 3-D Panels are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standard – yours. Our deeply knowledgeable team of architects and engineers will create a Panel plan specific to YOUR walls, floors, and roofs (and infrastructure) and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your finished build adheres to nothing less than the RSG 3-D standard.  Let’s get started.

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