Greater RESILIENCE is being demanded by:

Consumers | Codes | Communities

ONLY RSG 3-D was designed and engineered specifically for Resilience.

ONLY RSG 3-D can “future-proof” a community from natural disaster.

The RSG 3-D Panel Building System has been successfully proven by REAL WORLD CONDITIONS, with ZERO structural damage.

  • FIREPROOF exterior and building
  • EARTHQUAKE-RESISTANT (multiple 3-D buildings have survived earthquakes with no damage)
  • HURRICANE-RESISTANT (100’s of 3-D buildings have survived numerous hurricanes with no damage)


The costs and frequency of Natural Disasters has skyrocketed:

During 2017 there were 16 separate “Billion-Dollar” Natural Disasters Cumulative US cost of $300+ Billion 

79 “Billion-Dollar” Natural Disasters in US 2010 – 2016 combined


Homes in Northern California survived recent wildfires with near-zero damage

The RSG 3-D Panel Building System has a Class A Fireproof rating. RSG 3-D Panel structures are are non-combustible, with a minimum 2-hour fire rating.

In Lake County, CA a 3-D Panel home survived direct wildfire, even as the family cars melted in the driveway. Nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed in in the fire.

Many victims of fire/wildfire have found RSG 3-D Panel to be the solution for rebuilding to ensure future family and assets protection.


Commercial buildings, schools and homes have survived multiple earthquakes in the US and Mexico with zero damage

RSG 3-D Panel is earthquake-resistant. It has survived numerous seismic events. These University of California research buildings in the Mojave Desert survived two successive quakes of 6.5R and 6.9R. Inspecting engineers could not find a single crack in any of the buildings.  In some seismic-prone regions of the globe, only RSG 3-D Panel can pass seismic building codes.


200 3-D Panel homes have survived multiple Hurricanes in Caribbean and Puerto Rico

27 3-D Panel homes built for Habitat for Humanity in Miami survived Hurricane Andrew without a scratch

Most wood-frame homes are severely damaged by winds of as little as 96 mph (see FEMA P-247, P-361 and other FEMA publications)

RSG 3-D Panel walls are rated for winds greater than any in recorded history

Resilient to Wood-Destroying Insects

“Wood-destroying insects can easily go undetected and cause major damage to a home, and if you are in an area where termites weren’t previously a problem, you might not be looking for them. Termites are responsible for approximately $5 billion worth of damage to wood structures in the U.S. and Canada annually, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Because termite repairs are not covered by homeowner insurance, homeowners are responsible for any repair costs of infested homes. In many cases the cost can be $40,000-$50,000 if structural beams are impacted.”

Linde Mills

National Pest Management Association (NPMA)